21 Awesome Homesteading YouTube Channels You Should Watch - Down to Earth Homesteaders (2022)

YouTube has become my families infotainment source. It is much better than anything on regular TV. Today, I want to share with you 21 awesome homesteading YouTube channels you should watch if you are interested in homesteading.

One of the things we love about homesteading YouTube channels is thatnot onlycan we learn somethingwhile being entertained but we are watching and supporting real peopleliving their real lives and we can really communicatewith them through the comments, email, and meet-upsunlike the people on TV reality shows.

So, here are my 21 awesome homesteading YouTube channels you should watch in alphabeticalorder.

1. Arms Family Homestead

Daniel seems like a very laid back guy even though he is an Oklahoma State Trooper. I like how he teaches his kids to hunt and fish and even let Huston cut himself with his own pocket knife. That is a great way to learn to respect a knife blade. I especially like how he supports the YouTube community and other creators in our niche.

From their about page: Homesteading and Homesteaders, what is it all about? Well for us it is small town people just trying to live the good life. We strive to make the best decisions for our families health and happiness. We are very much into growing and producing our own food. We make every attempt to provide what we can for ourselves.

Arms Family Homestead Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS: 511
  • SUBSCRIBERS: 40,479
  • VIDEO VIEWS: 4,662,377
  • LOCATION: Oklahoma, USA
  • CREATED: Jul 14th, 2011

Check out Arms Family Homestead on YouTube.

2. Colorado Mountain Living

Colorado Mountain Living offers a unique perspective to homesteading. They are curently in the house building stage and are doing alot of the work themselves though still use contractors for some of the work.

From their about page:Living the Dream! Ever thought about getting away from it all, escaping to the mountains to build your own home & work for yourself? We did! And we are sharing our journey of what it takes to create the lifestyle of your dreams and make it come to life. We moved away from a busy city to Colorado and are prepared to build our homestead on a gorgeous plot of land we purchased up in the mountains, away from it all.

Follow us as we build our own home, a permaculture influenced homestead, and making a living off of our crafts, hobbies & natural talents. Colorado is unique and a special place to live. There are so many perks to living in the mountains including all the natural beauty, access to outdoor recreation and the amazing glimpses of wildlife if you keep your eyes open!

Colorado Mountain Living Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS: 94
  • SUBSCRIBERS: 4,482
  • VIDEO VIEWS: 306,717
  • LOCATION: Colorado, USA
  • CREATED: January 2, 2018

Check out Colorado Mountain Living on YouTube.

3. Deep South Homestead

These are just some down to earth folks showing what it is like to live in the south on a homestead. I really like how they support the YouTube comunity.

From their about page:Bringing you southern homestead videos about farm life: raising vegetables and animals, debt free living, our past times we enjoy and maybe getting a laugh along the way. We are remodeling a vintage RV as a bug out vehicle, tiny house, or just for recreational purposes. Join us LIVE on YOUTUBE every Saturday Night at 8pm Central where you can ask us questions in real time.

Deep South Homestead Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS: 1,266
  • SUBSCRIBERS: 52,902
  • VIDEO VIEWS: 7,107,785
  • CREATED: December 20, 2015

Check out Deep South Homestead on YouTube.

4. Essential Mountain Homesteading

Essential Mountain Homesteading is mostly about building as the host is a contractor. He shares with us a lot of the different projects he is working on. Currently he is starting a huge project building a small 8 parcel subdivision geared towards homesteaders.

From their about page:A brady bunch style family exploring a more rural lifestyle in North East Idaho, come along with us as we learn and grow.

Essential Mountain Homesteading Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS: 238
  • SUBSCRIBERS: 14,425
  • VIDEO VIEWS: 3,055,468
  • LOCATION: Idaho, USA
  • CREATED: January 29, 2017

Check out Essential Mountain Homesteading on YouTube.

(Video) Homestead Channels you should AVOID

5. Fouch Family Off Grid

The Fouch family live on their homestead in Idaho. They are a down to earth family who isn’t caught up in all the materialism of some trendy homesteaders. They remind me of people from my hometown, a little hippie-ish.

From their about page:Off grid since 2014, our family of five used to live in a 314 square foot yurt in the Boise foothills. But we’re building our off grid timber frame dream home. “Fouch-o-matic” is the nickname of carpenter and cabinet maker Nick Fouch (rhymes with couch). Videos are mostly made by Mrs. Fouch-o-matic, Esther Emery, who wrote the memoir “What Falls From the Sky.” Esther’s mother, Carla Emery, wrote the homesteading and self-sufficiency classic, “The Encyclopedia of Country Living.”

Fouch Family Off Grid Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS: 276
  • SUBSCRIBERS: 132,331
  • VIDEO VIEWS: 17,155,050
  • LOCATION: Idaho, USA
  • CREATED: July 27, 2014

Check out Fouch Family Off-Grid on YouTube.

6. Guildbrook Farm – Off Grid Living

Guildbrook Farm has been making homesteading and prepping videos for a while now. About a year ago they moved to some off-grid property and have been sharing that experience. The channel has a little bit of a prepper slant to it which Iappreciate.

From their about page:Guildbrook Farm is an off grid, modern homestead located in the foothills of Appalachia. We take you along on our journey to become more self-reliant by growing an organic garden, raising heritage breed chickens and pigs, improve our skills in canning and food preservation, building off the grid renewable energy systems, prepping for events such as natural disasters, and learning old-time skills. Join us as we build an off-grid cabin and homestead from raw land while remaining debt-free. Follow our successes and failures as we learn to live a more simple, sustainable lifestyle.

Guildbrook Farm – Off Grid Living Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS: 265
  • SUBSCRIBERS: 114,919
  • VIDEO VIEWS: 9,173,514
  • LOCATION: Appalachia, USA
  • CREATED: May 8, 2016

Check out Guildbrook Farm – Off-Grid Living on YouTube.

7. Keeping It Dutch

Keeping it Dutch is just about to finish their house but like many of the other homestead channels, they are not building it themselves. The result is a MUCH faster build. I really appreciate how Dutch supports the Youtube comunity and supports other homestead channels.

From their about page:I am a family man that wanted out of the city life, so we found a 10 acre lot and started our homestead journey. Its been a great experience and my family loves the country living. Homesteading is not easy and there is always something that needs to be done around the farm. I hope you all enjoy the videos, I have a lot of DIY videos and I also have some smoking videos along with dutch oven cooking. Please join us on our homesteading adventure. We put God first, family, then country. Semper Fi

Keeping It Dutch Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS: 627
  • SUBSCRIBERS: 53,772
  • VIDEO VIEWS: 12,834,046
  • LOCATION: Oklahoma, USA
  • CREATED: January 5, 2007

Check out Keeping It Dutch on YouTube.

8. Life in Farmland

This is your channel if you like firewood. Life in Farmland specializes in firewood. How to cut, split and stack it. I don’t know if he intended to become the YouTube firewood expert but he did.

From their about page:We are all about living a slower paced, independent lifestyle. Love working and heating with firewood, growing gardens, hunting, and raising animals like chickens and pigs. Lots of DIY projects. Hoping to share things that help you become more independent, self-reliant and happier in life. Follow the journey of learning homesteading, getting back to the basics, and living in a rural area. As we search for lost knowledge and skills our grandparents once used to survive daily.

Life in Farmland Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS: 330
  • SUBSCRIBERS: 21,822
  • VIDEO VIEWS: 3,202,899
  • CREATED: March 4, 2015

Check out Life in Farmland on YouTube.

9. Life Uncontained

What sets Life Uncontained apart from the other channels is not only that they are building a shipping container home but their humor. Mackenzie is always cracking jokes. They are a new YouTube channel and I hope they keep making videos.

From their about page:After years spent not knowing what to do with our lives, we have finally decided to chase what makes us happy. Inspired by our past road trips, the hippies of the seventies, and the alien, Elon Musk, we are choosing to risk everything. We are selling our traditional home, quitting our current jobs, and moving from Florida to Texas where we will build our dream debt-free net zero shipping container home.

Life Uncontained Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS:50
  • SUBSCRIBERS:97,683
  • VIDEO VIEWS:7,007,084
  • CREATED:December 26, 2017

Check out Life Uncontained on YouTube.

(Video) Every Serious Homesteader Needs This

Lumnah Acres starts off every video by talking to us, modern steders. His is very personable. They have a lot of different projects and animals on their homestead which provides for a lot of variety in their videos.

From their about page:A Guide to Modern Homesteading Self-Sufficiency and FREEDOM. We love Homesteading and the control it offers with growing our own food, raising our own animals and of course the FREEDOM it provides! I was born and raised 20 minutes from Boston, MA. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with Anxiety. My personal experience with the prescribed medication was NOT POSITIVE. So I decided to find a better way. I didn’t know it at the time but, that was the BEGINNING for me! I have been “FINDING A BETTER WAY” in all areas of my life ever since. Better ways of how to create a modern homestead affordably, and a better way to provide my family with healthy foods, and so….. much MORE!

At Lumnah Acres we hope our experiences can help guide you to find YOUR BETTER WAY! Please join us in sharing our journey with you, let us be a guide to Modern Homesteading, Self-Sufficiency, and FREEDOM for you!

Lumnah Acres Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS:688
  • SUBSCRIBERS:53,426
  • VIDEO VIEWS:9,108,835
  • LOCATION:New Hampshire, USA
  • CREATED:September 11, 2012

Check out Lumnah Acres on YouTube.

Jeremy and Ashley recently moved off-grid in Canda after he was medically discharged from the Canadian military. They built a small cabin and are working to develop their homestead.

From their about page:An Off Grid Cabin. Frequent Uploads. We’re a young couple that bought land in New Brunswick, Canada after Jeremy’s military career was cut short medically. We are sharing our new chapter in our life, building an off grid cabin by ourselves and more! We plan on developing our property one project at a time. We won’t insult your intelligence by pretending to know things we know nothing about. We share what we do and do not know along the way. It helps us all out by knowing where we are coming from on our channel. Hold on, this will be awesome!

Mapleberry Farm – Off Grid Living Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS:152
  • VIDEO VIEWS:482,982
  • LOCATION:New Brunswick, CA
  • CREATED:August 19, 2013

Check out Mapleberry Farm – Off Grid on YouTube.

12. Martin Johnson

Yes, this is our channel! A little self-promotion? Of course! I think our channel is one you should watch too, otherwise,I shouldn’t be making videos. We lived in Indonesia for about 9 years 4 of those years were off-grid in a small jungle village on the island of New Guinea. The rest of it was in crowded overpopulated cities. We have about 700 videos on our channel documenting our experiences living in Indonesia.

From our about page:Hi, we’re the Johnsons, Martin, Julie, Sarah, and Seth. We are on a journey to become more self-reliant and live sustainably through off-grid modern homesteading. We’re sharing these videos to help encourage others who are either on the same journey or are considering it.

We recently bought 7 acres in Sandpoint, Idaho that we will be, Lord willing, homesteading from scratch, debt free, in May 2019. Currently, we live in Tennessee and are preparing ourselves for the move by learning as many skills as we can. We are not experts but on a journey. We are sharing some of what we learn here on YouTube and on our website, Down to Earth Homesteaders.

YouTube channels that inspire us are Wranglerstar, Stoney Ridge Farmer, North Country Off-Grid, Arms Family Homestead, Life Uncontained, Maple Berry Farms, and Keeping it Dutch. Be sure to check out their channels too!

We hope you have a really great day and keepsm:)ing!

Martin Johnson Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS:733
  • SUBSCRIBERS:96,938
  • VIDEO VIEWS:17,350,877
  • CREATED:July 11, 2013

Check out Martin Johnson on YouTube.

13. North Country Off Grid

You may have seen this family on a reality TV show about tiny houses! They are another down to earth family who is not caught up in materialism like some of the “trendy” homestead channels. They are just real county folks trying to get back to a simpler way of life.

From their about page:We are a family of 5, that is building our homestead from the ground up, with cash,off-grid, in North Idaho. We have 3 kiddos and a bunch of farm animals. We want a self-sustaining, debt-free farm and lifestyle. Follow us on our journey to complete freedom!!!

North Country Off Grid Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS:176
  • SUBSCRIBERS:20,380
  • VIDEO VIEWS:1,996,048
  • CREATED:October 28, 2016

Check out North Country Off Grid on YouTube.

(Video) YouTube FIRED Houston! They DON'T Want Him On OUR Channel!

What setsOFF GRID with DOUG & STACY apart from the other channels is that they are taking a pioneer approach to their homestead. While they are not Amish they embody many characteristics of the Amish. So if you are looking for people living a pioneer lifestyle in the 21st century thenOFF GRID with DOUG & STACY might be for you.

From their about page:Welcome! We’re Doug and Stacy – we moved to our 11 acres in 2011 from a large city in the Midwest with zero carpentry and farming skills. We live OFF GRID with no solar / wind power / public water or well.

We live in a LOG CABIN that we built from wood from the forest. We share our adventure to a sustainable life, growing our own food from vegetables to meat as we HOMESTEAD. We raise CHICKENS and SHEEP and DUCKS and we even ride a HORSE AND BUGGY. We share food recipes as well as natural remedies.

We post videos DAILY and they range from HOW TO to EVERYDAY LIFE and NUTRITION on the off-grid homestead.


OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS:764
  • SUBSCRIBERS:218,703
  • VIDEO VIEWS:27,743,051
  • LOCATION:Missouri, USA
  • CREATED:December 16, 2012

Check out OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY on YouTube.

15. Pure Living for Life

Pure Living for Life started out living in an RV on their property in North Idaho. They have been building a pretty unique house incorporating ICF’s, Timber Framing and SIP panels. They have done a great job of documenting the whole process. If you what to see how hard it can be to build a nontraditional house they will show you.

From their about page:We’re a young couple that bought land in the Pacific Northwest where we’re building our dream life from the ground up – including building our own house with our own bare hands! Our goal is to develop our property debt-free and do as much of the work ourselves as possible. We don’t sugar coat things or hide the fact that we’re complete newbies, and our channel is all the better for it! We share the good, bad and ugly of a DIY lifestyle as a couple – hang on for the ride!

Pure Living for Life Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS:506
  • SUBSCRIBERS:402,226
  • VIDEO VIEWS:114,958,697
  • CREATED:August 19, 2015

Check out Pure Living for Life on YouTube.

16. Red Poppy Ranch

Most of the videos onRed Poppy Ranch are about building their house which is not complete yet. I have learned a lot about the process from him. Our house plans were even inspired by his. He has developed a unique style to his videos that sets him apart from the other homesteading channels. If you watch his newer videos you will see what I mean.

From their about page:Just because our path is different does not mean we are lost! This is our journey from the big city of the southwest to the little town of the northwest. I have dreamed this dream of living life on my terms for my entire lifetime. We recently took major steps to make this a reality.

Red Poppy Ranch Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS:310
  • SUBSCRIBERS:75,010
  • VIDEO VIEWS:14,148,416
  • CREATED:January 25, 2016

Check out Red Poppy Ranch on YouTube.

Josh, the Stony Ridge Farmer, is pretty funny and informative. He is patriotic and has a bit of prepper in him. He seems to be guenuinly helpful and caring. One of the things I really like about Josh is that he supports the YouTube Community and helps to promote other channels in our niche.

From their about page:Stoney Ridge Farm is an ever-evolving farm project. We are building a way of life here on the farm and an income (eventually) to get me out of the corporate world and into the outdoors raising crops, animals and eventually children in a peaceful loving environment.

We are a nearly 200-acre farm nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Most of my videos are practical videos of things that need to be done around a small farm to keep equipment and the farm up and running.

We purchased this tract of land as an old grown-up washed out gullied tobacco farm, and are rehabilitating fields with minimal fertilizer and lots of hard work.

(Video) HUGE HARVEST Preservation Day

These “how to” and Vlog type videos are meant to be informative and entertaining tidbits of farm life here on the Stoney Ridge.

I hope you enjoy our videos, please subscribe to our page and I’ll teach you everything I can about starting a farm from scratch.

Stoney Ridge Farmer Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS:457
  • SUBSCRIBERS:132,236
  • VIDEO VIEWS:18,267,078
  • LOCATION:North Carolina, USA
  • CREATED:September 25, 2015

Check out Stoney Ridge Farmer on YouTube.

17. Swedish Homestead

This is the only homestead channel I listed that is outside of North America. They have an interesting perspective on homesteading and farming that you should check out. Also, the laws that they have to deal with might blow your mind.

From their about page:Join our family as we are attempting to live a happy life of freedom on the Swedish countryside and become homesteaders. It all started in 2003 when our family bought an old run-down farm in the heart of Sweden. For years the three generations living here struggled to support the farm and fix it up while still working jobs in town. Now, one of the families is for the first time taking the big step of trying to live entirely of the farm and become local food growers and homesteaders. Come along as we are going against the cultural mainstream and join us in our failures and successes, in our learning curve and as we share gained experience.

Swedish Homestead Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS:428
  • SUBSCRIBERS:136,113
  • VIDEO VIEWS:31,536,412
  • LOCATION:Sweden
  • CREATED:October 19, 2016

Check out Swedish Homestead on YouTube.

19. Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

Wild Wonderful Off-Grid is a very new YouTube channel having only started a few months ago. They currently are building an A-frame house on their property. One of the things that makes them interesting is their personalities and how they work together. They seem like a fun couple. I look forward to seeing how they develop their homestead and improve their video skills. I hope they keep making videos.

From their about page:Family of 5 building a home with their own two hands while working on living a more self-sustainable lifestyle on their 73 acre farm.

Wild Wonderful Off-Grid Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS:35
  • SUBSCRIBERS:26,347
  • VIDEO VIEWS:1,64,916
  • LOCATION:Virginia, USA
  • CREATED: May 12, 2018

Check out Wild Wonderful Off-Grid on YouTube.

20. Weed ’em & Reap

This is the only urban homestead channel on the list. Their main thing is goats. This channel is kind of like a family vlog on a farm.

From their about page:After years of health issues and working the 9 to 5, Kevin & DaNelle, along with their children Ethan & Lydia, decided to move to a 1 acre lot in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, perfectly zoned for all sorts of agricultural activities. They learned how to raise goats, chickens, ducks, sheep, pigs, geese, turkeys as well as learned how to garden and grow trees in their harsh climate.

Now their daily life includes milking goats, gathering eggs, eating fresh fruits & vegetables from their garden, & harvesting fish from their pond. Follow along as they breed and raise new baby goats each year, laugh at their mistakes, grow just about everything, and enjoy life together as a family who’s trying their best to live a life that’s worth living.

Weed ’em & Reap Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS:402
  • SUBSCRIBERS:206,302
  • VIDEO VIEWS:32,213,322
  • LOCATION:Arizona, USA
  • CREATED:Febuary 14, 2014

Check out Weed ’em & Reap on YouTube.

21. Wranglerstar

Wranglerstar, Cody, is like the granddaddy of the homesteading channels. He has almost 2000 videos and over a million subscribers. There is a ton of content to watch on his channel and a lot to learn. Cody’s specialty seems to be foresty.

From their about page:In 2010, the Wranglerstar family decided to turn our backs on a comfortable city life and become modern-day homesteaders. Our adventure starts in the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Have you dreamed of stepping off the treadmill of life? Join the Wranglerstar family as we blaze a trail for all those who dream of becoming truly independent from the mythological American dream.

Wranglerstar Channel Stats

  • UPLOADS:1,970
  • SUBSCRIBERS:1,158,055
  • VIDEO VIEWS:415,334,383
  • LOCATION:Oregon, USA
  • CREATED:September 9, 2010

Check out Wranglerstar on YouTube.

(Video) 🔴LIVE - That 1870's Homestead - YouTube Launch Party!

Those are my 21 awesome homesteading YouTube channels you should watch in alphabeticalorder. What channels would you add to the list?


21 Awesome Homesteading YouTube Channels You Should Watch - Down to Earth Homesteaders? ›

21 Awesome Homesteading YouTube Channels You Should Watch
  • Arms Family Homestead. Arms Family Homestead. ...
  • Colorado Mountain Living. Colorado Mountain Living. ...
  • Deep South Homestead. Deep South Homestead. ...
  • Essential Mountain Homesteading. ...
  • Fouch Family Off Grid. ...
  • Guildbrook Farm – Off Grid Living. ...
  • Keeping It Dutch. ...
  • Life in Farmland.

What does keeping it Dutch do for a living? ›

First video

Keep It Dutch is an American YouTube vlogging channel who uploads a wide variety of vlogs about their rural life. They are a family of 5 who have started our off-grid journey on a 36.5 acre plot of solid oak and pine timber in Northeast Oklahoma, the foothills of the Ozark Mountains.

How much does acre homestead make from Youtube? ›

This Is How Much Money Acre Homestead Makes From YouTube

Where is Deep South Homestead? ›

Danny and Wanda own a 10 acre homestead in south Mississippi that they use to teach others through videos on youtube, Deep South Homestead.

What Is Going Dutch at a dinner? ›

Going Dutch(sometimes written with lower-case dutch) is a term that indicates that each person participating in a paid activity covers their own expenses, rather than any one person in the group defraying the cost for the entire group.

Who is Becky from acre homestead? ›

Becky Acre, popularly known on her YouTube channel Acre Homestead, as Acre Homestead Becky, is an American YouTube content creator, digital content maker, social media influencer, blogger, and media personality. Becky was born and brought up in Southwest Washington, United States of America on 15 May 1995.

What's considered Deep South? ›

In its broadest application, the Deep South is considered to be "an area roughly coextensive with the old cotton belt, from eastern North Carolina through South Carolina, west into East Texas, with extensions north and south along the Mississippi."


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