Chief Happiness Officer International Certification (2022)

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There’s a revolution going on. CHO’s are leading it.

Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Apple are some of the happiest companies in the world. They are also among the best performing, as there is a direct linkbetween corporate happiness and success.

Happiness at the workplace is scientifically proven to improve efficiency.

Results. Talent. Growth. Engagement. Teamwork. Creativity. Value. Trust.Culture.

CHO 2.3?

Yes, you read right! CHO 2.3, a Chief Happiness Officer training aligned with 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

We are taking this step further because we truly believe that an Organizational Happiness
Plan is only whole if contributing for total world transformation. We are going deeper.

The new generations crave a company to be socially responsible and sustainable, planet
earth demands action to preserve nature and humanity desperately needs a systemic
change in the field of economics.

Join the revolution!

Is this training for you?

If you are an HR Manager, Director, or CEO who wants to positively transformyour work culture, then this training is for you.

If you are a want-to-be Happiness Consultant and Facilitator who wishes tobuild a career providing happiness services, making the corporate world abetter place, then this training is for you!

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By taking this course,

you saygoodbye to:

  • Years of 'paying your dues', trying to teach yourself by desperately consuming hundreds of blog posts and tutorials.
  • Theoretical and academic courses that bore the h-e-l-l out of you.
  • To that old feeling of 'I'm sure I could be doing something more' to get help out my workplace (toxic?) culture!

and sayhello to:

  • Leading change in the corporate world and establish a strong meaningful culture in our planet, one company at a time
  • Getting exclusive access to tools, ideas, strategies, methods, and exercises to develop the competitive advantage that generates talent and commitment
  • Learning the competitive advantage to create a positive culture that generates talent and commitment
  • Joining a networking space with professionals who are as passionate and committed as you are to creating happier workplaces
  • Living a life of pure fulfillment while helping others!

DAY 1 - Happiness Fundamentals

  • The Science of Happiness - Introduction to the latest research
  • Positive Psychology applied to the workplace
  • Reality check-in - what causes Happiness and unhappiness at work
  • ROI of Happy Workplaces - Impactof Happiness on BUsiness Results
  • The role of a CHO
  • Own case study: Company audit andcharacterization
  • Talk with Guest Speaker

DAY 2 -Leading for Happiness

  • Servant Leadership
  • Culture of Trust
  • Satisfaction VS Engagement VS Happiness
  • How to measure happiness at work
  • How to measure psychological safety
  • How to implement an Emotional Salary strategy
  • Start building an Organizational Happiness Plan
  • Talk with Guest Speaker

DAY 3 - Sustainable Happiness

  • Mission Driven Companies; Shared purpose
  • 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Conscious capitalism
  • Keep building the Organizational Happiness Plan

DAY 4 -Building the Best Experience at Work

  • How to involve all stakeholders in this project
  • Certification exam
  • Talk with an expert in the field
  • Graduation cocktail

By the end of the course,graduation takes place with aHappy Hour!

Want to know more? You have to come and see!

You will also have access to

Free coffee breaks & lunches

Free access to ourCHO Portal and community forever

A few kind words by our students

(Video) New in Switzerland! Chief Happiness Officer Certified Training English Version

Chief Happiness Officer International Certification (1)

Rafael Cerveira Pinto,
Managing partner @Squadra

Last year I visited Google. Since that day, I have felt how far ahead the positive culture of this company was, as well as the genuine concern for the well-being of its People. Since then, I tried to get to know this new corporate culture in a more structured way. I opted to undertake the CHO training and it was a great investment. It gave us access to extremely interesting concepts, case studies and tools for the future.

Chief Happiness Officer International Certification (2)

Filipa Gameiro
Talent Development @Amazing Vision

For someone passionate about PD, it is not easy to be surprised when the topic is organizational behavior. What a pleasant surprisethese 3 days! Challenging, rewarding, filled with moments of validation and hope.A dynamic and tireless trainer, who extraordinarily combines the cognitive-technical-practical vein with theemotional, empathic, and human touch! Full access to scientific studies and powerful tools. An organization full of affection.

Chief Happiness Officer International Certification (3)

Adriana Oliveira,
Head of People @Sanitop

Thanks a lot to Happiness Business School. Amazing days... absolutely inspiring! Influencing everyone to be happy at work is crucial. 3 days of pure transformation where we learned how to easily apply theory and concepts to a company's daily routine. Come with us on this hapinness journey because together we achieve more.

Chief Happiness Officer International Certification (4)

Natacha Lopes,
Happiness Consultant

More than ever, happiness at work has become not only a trend but a need that all companies must fulfil. This certification comes as must-have for every professional that wants to contribute to a better and happier workplace. There were three days full of learning, development and inspirational people to learn with. I would totally recommend it.

Chief Happiness Officer International Certification (5)

(Video) How to be an effective CHO (Chief Happiness Officer)

Alexandra Martins,
Marketing & Communication @Evershed Sutherland FCB

In a world that was turned upside down in the last year, happiness at work is no longer an employee bonus but an essential asset to guarantee corporate success and, most important, people success. The work Happiness Business School does, in teaching and training people in this philosophy, is of paramount importance. I do believe the Universe conspires and that it has brought me the Chief Happiness Officer Certification at the right time. Three full days of a perfect blend of science and heart, numbers and people, strategy and empathy. I have learned so much, consolidating and acquiring knowledge but also sharing positive experiences and dreaming of a brighter future together with a group of unforgettable people. It’s time to start spreading the magic. I mean, happiness.

Chief Happiness Officer International Certification (6)

Eunice Barroso,
Permaculture Designer

At house at Happiness Business School, I found a home, inhabited by amazing people and decorated with genuine and sincere smiles. It was so good to be together with such different people and to feel that we all have something in common and that we invested in this training to have more tools to sow happiness colours in the sometimes so gray corporate world. Nowadays, it is essential to create paths that lead us to the best of oursevlves. Choosing to be happy takes work, but it is in the day-to-day and in the little things that we can make all the difference and influence everything around us. Obtaining a CHO certificate gave me the necessary structure to, together with my experience, work in the professional environment creating solutions with the goal of increasing well-being combined with productivity.

Chief Happiness Officer International Certification (7)

Diana Ferreira,
Human Resources Specialist @EDP

I believe Hapinness is the new black. Action for Happiness helps people take action for a happier and more caring world. More than ever, we all need to feed our minds and seed positive feelings both in our family and workplaces context. It was in this sense that I participated in this certification last October. Where I gained expertise in how to design and implement an efficient Organizational Happiness Strategy in a company. I am grateful to have known this amazing tribe with such good vibes. Step by step we can influence and create more happy moments, making the corporate world a better place.

Chief Happiness Officer International Certification (8)

Sofia Teixeira,
Training Coordinator @Clinica Terapia Go

The CHO was a very enrichingtraining as a whole. Areally great experience with a wonderful team. 3 absolutely inspiring days!!!

I am very proud and grateful to be able to start contributing to the importance of managing well-being and happiness of people andcompanies creating greater commitment to sustainability.

Chief Happiness Officer International Certification (9)

Berta Neto, CHO Lisbon
With over 20 years of professional experience, Berta has worked in the most diverse industries, namely insurance, real estate and aeronautics, in which she currently performs the role of Head of Training and Development.Graduated in Psychology, post graduated in Corporate Happiness and trained in Science of Happiness and Well-Being, Berta is also the coordinator of the Organizational Happiness MBA at the Higher Institute of Education and Sciences in Lisbon. Passionate about challenges, she loves to leave her comfort zone.Best known for her love of People and endless energy, Berta believes that having fun with autonomy to experiment and innovate is key for the continuous development and mastery. Her purpose is to empower people to be and give their best each day.Whenever she can, she travels to observe nature, being sustainability one of the great pillars of her powerful leadership style.

(Video) Why You Need A Chief Happiness Officer? – Henry Stewart | Podcast

Chief Happiness Officer International Certification (10)

Steven Ebbers, CHOLondon
Steven'spersonal mission is to help individuals and communities question their reality through reconnection with themselves, others, groups and their environment. He
helps people in all kinds of ways, but always in a highly experiential way to makesure everything we do deeply resonates and leads to a sense of fulfilment.

Inhis work he draws onhis experiences and background in Psychology and Coaching, titles and lost games as a Professional Athlete, long train rides in India and the Start up hussle. Steven hasworked with all kinds of companies, from the big banks to the smallest initiatives, thoroughly enjoying both.

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