Hollow Earth Discovered (2022)

My name isColonel Billie Faye Woodard "Zaraya" of the United States Air Force.

Arrival and Indoctrination

I was first stationed at Area 51, Nevada, from Jan.28, 1971, through 1982. In that period of service, I visited the Hollow Interior of the Earth six times, 800 miles deep. Upon my arrival at Area 51, I was indoctrinated to the existence of tunnels beneath Area 51, and soon after I met several of the Underground Shuttle Operators that have a stature of 13 to 14 feet in height. These tunnels, that transverse the world, are built by a species of beings who have existed here before us, for a very long time.

Immediately on my arrival at Area 51, I was made aware of the tunnels and all the workings of the facility itself. They told me that the first 15 levels of the Area 51 facility were man-made; that Levels 16-27 were already there. Nobody from our government made them. We were just facilitating them.

My father had been stationed at Roswell. As part of my induction into the military, he requested that I be stationed along with him at the Pentagon. There they said "We have a new duty station for you which will be Area 51 facility, Nevada", Commonly referred to as S-4. When I went into the Pentagon I was a Second Lieutenant.

When I came to the Pentagon they gave me the field commission as First Lieutenant. After 3 weeks of being there, they handed me my full Colonel rank, saying "you have to be a full Colonel to be stationed at this next facility". There was 150,000 personnel in this facility, approx. 85% military personnel and 15% civilian. Following my arrival, I was taken underground and did not see the light of day for 11.5 years.

The Tunnels and Shuttles

The Walls of the Tunnels are very smooth. If you were to pull a hollow tube through a ball of clay you can get an idea of how smooth. The walls have what is likened to a marble finish, which is made of a metal substance, impenetrable; the surface of the walls cannot be penetrated even by a diamond drill nor will a laser penetrate the surface.

(Video) Ancient Aliens: The Hollow Earth Theory (Season 10) | History

Remember there was a time when we used to see troop movements from point A to B on the Earth's surface, continually. It was not that long ago. Now, you rarely see this. Now they use tunnels to move all these troops at long distances. The tunnels are wide enough to drive two, 18-foot wheelers side by side.

Stemming from Area 51, one shuttle goes out to the Pacific Ocean - 350 miles due west of Monterey - where there is a pyramid; another shuttle goes to the Cheyenne Mountain facility

The length of a large shuttle machine is approx 1/4 mile long. Interior inhabitants make use of these machines - huge vessels for moving large numbers of people/beings/whatever quickly. The smaller shuttle is 50-60 feet in length, this was the kind I was in. The speed of the shuttles is faster than the speed of sound, they can travel from Area 51 to the main interior of the Earth in less than 10 Earth minutes. In 5-6 minutes you are there.

The material used to make the shuttles is the same substance that made up the skin of the spacecraft at Roswell. The shuttles run on electromagnetic power using the Earth's grid line. The operators who I mentioned earlier who are of a stature of 13-14 ft. in height, look like us in their appearance but are much more highly evolved, and speak through telepathy. The men have beards or not, and the women's skin is flawless, indeed having a perfect clear complexion. Their expression for Humans is one of concern for Us - as they see where we Humans are headed. There are seven civilizations residing on the Inner Earth - which are governed by the principles of harmony. They understand and they speak all languages of the earth. Their understanding of medical knowledge is phenomenal.

My Personal History

At the age of 12, while walking through a field of corn with another friend I had a paranormal experience. I was taken into a UFO vehicle and transported into the Inner Earth. Here, I lived for 6 months among the Hollow Earth residents.

You may imagine the wonder of my parents, especially of my Father who was in the Military Service, at that time when I disappeared, then mysteriously return in 6 months. It was due to this experience that I believe my Father made certain that I was engaged under his wing at the Pentagon and later directed me to serve at Area 51.

I am not the biological offspring of my father, but an adopted child as was my sister. My sister and I were separated when she was put in the hands of the "secret government" for observation. They were trying to find the source of her paranormal abilities. When she became aware of their plans to take her life to perform a research autopsy, she sent a telepathic call to Hollow Earth and on her next "airing" on the surface, was swiftly picked up by one of the aero ships. I was able to combat their negativity with my mind, which is stronger, and survived their attacks.

(Video) Hollow Earth: The Theory That Inspired Godzilla Vs. Kong

My father, Zorra, is a Hollow Earth scientist who has made 150,000 trips around the sun. My sister and I are originally from Hollow Earth. Our true parents and family live in Hollow Earth. When our adoptive father took us in as adopted children we spoke a language unknown to any surface culture.

I have an unknown blood type. I have never had a disease of any kind. My blood has been medically examined and destroys all viral infections when combined with other blood samples in a lab setting.

Hollow Earth Vortexes

The Hollow Earth residents have the ability to split the ocean floor and create a vortex, as is shown with the Bermuda Triangle. There are 7 different levels in these vortexes, and equipment and beings are brought in and placed corresponding to these different levels.

The vortexes act as doorways for entrance or exit to the hollow interior of the Earth. There is more than one triangle area off of Florida, one at Lake Erie, another off the coast of Mexico, one off of Japan; as well as other geographic locations of the Earth. These are called "Quiet Zones". These doorways allow creatures from the interior to come out and such as the Sasquatch, LochNess...etc.

All planets are hollow as is the Sun, which is really a planet. There are civilizations in the Sun which have colonies in the Earth's subterranean regions.

Seeking Entry

In order to locate an entrance to the Inner Earth, where ever you are underground, all that you need is your compass. The compass will spin as if you are standing at the North Pole at the tunnel entrance to the Inner Earth.

(Video) Hollow Earth: Fact or Fiction? | Salma Nagy Mahmoud | TEDxYouth@TCHS

When I left the Military Service, I no longer had a means of going into the Hollow Earth. It was necessary that I seek another way. I, and a party of interested seekers, rented a plane that took us to the very rim of the North Pole.

The People of the Interior

The people of the interior were very free with showing me around, very articulate in showing you what is exactly going on - they do not hold anything back. They always ask permission when working with Nature, they ask the plants for permission before consuming them or cutting them down, they ask Mother Earth before they build on it, and do so build with the lay of the land which best suits their environment, a practice similar to the American Indians; therefore seeking to preserve a harmonious state at all times; wanting to be one with Nature at all times; they are more spiritually advanced than surface dwellers and greatly respect Mother Earth.

The atmosphere is crystal clear, as a rule, there are at times clouds, but nothing like rain clouds. The temperature is a constant of 73 degrees.

The people in the interior speak directly with the animals, and the animals speak directly to the people of the interior.

There is no need for hoarding, for everything is free, no need to create in abundance as everything is ample. A process of bartering is more common than trade in money.

This is basically a utopian culture with no depression leading to violence. No parties seeking to make war and gain dominance over each other. There are none richer nor poorer.

There are aero-ships (we term on the surface asflying saucers) in which a part of themselves, a part of their personality goes into the creation of the aero-ship through the process of thought, due to their very powerful minds. This makes the aero-ships perfect in design and execution in motion. Only a few persons on the surface have these similar abilities to create, due to the repression of these abilities in childhood by religion, education, and family fears. The people of the interior are allowed to enter the space of their imagination if you will, and there they create. The disease will not enter their bodies - for it is not allowed.

(Video) Drones Take You Inside Hidden World Live

As surface Humanity enters into the coming 4th-dimensional phase, the Inner Earth people will come forward and more deeply work with us on the surface. People on the surface are presently so involved with the sense of "me" that they can not live together harmoniously.

People of the surface who seek to reach the Inner Earth inhabitants through meditation will receive it. Children who are being born now are becoming more capable of using the wholeness of their brain, which is in common practice in the Interior.

One of the first things they showed us in the interior was their capability of interplanetary travel and time travel. The basis of time travel is likened to bending space, which comes through the power of meditation and by the acceptance of being an unlimited being. If you train your mind at a subconscious level that you are an unlimited being all things are possible.

On the surface, capabilities to experience this infinite power are more easily awakened at such Portals as Mt. Shasta which serves as a Space-Time Portal directly to the Inner Earth. Once in the surroundings of Mt. Shasta, you are drawn into the “harmonious state”. In my experiences at Mt. Shasta, the Telosians in their civilization underground in that area are projecting an aura of great harmony in a lovely atmosphere.

Area 51

Of all I saw at Area 51, 95% remain hidden from the public. Going into Area 51 is like going into another world, where they are terribly afraid that other countries and other parties are going to get "this" information. Their thoughts are "if we admit that the Earth is hollow, with a central intelligence in it, this is going to cause discord and fear". This fear process is generated by the private companies who seek to control and advance their own needs and personal agendas through Area 51.

I left the Air Force due to the domineering ways of those who sought to act like control freaks, who were stagnating my ability to think and act in a creative manner. In accepting their Orders not to talk about such information, they take it for granted that one will automatically obey.

Because of my outgoing desire to share information and inform the public at large my Service Pension and all my benefits and rights such as the use of the Commissary, dental, and medical, were taken away.

(Video) Ancient Aliens: The Hollow Earth Hypothesis (S8, E6) | History

I was in the military for 13.5 years, from basic to the Pentagon and then to Area 51. The genetic engineering that is taking place at Area 51 is with our younger generation. The "milk carton children" whose photos were commonly seen in the markets in the past, were abducted and taken to Area 51.

There is a network of tunnels underground that go all the way to Europe, South America - the several continents. And there is an intermingling of this great network of tunnels throughout the globe, which many governments use. God bless you and be with you,


What if Earth was hollow? ›

So we'd be totally vulnerable to radiation from the solar wind and solar storms. And this means we'd

What is the meaning of Agartha? ›

Agartha (sometimes Agartta, Agharti, Agarath, Agarta, Agharta, or Agarttha) is a legendary kingdom that is said to be located in the Earth's core. It is related to the belief in a hollow Earth and is a popular subject in esotericism.

Is a hollow planet possible? ›

In addition, ordinary matter is not strong enough to support a hollow shape of planetary size against the force of gravity; a planet-sized hollow shell with the known, observed thickness of the Earth's crust would not be able to achieve hydrostatic equilibrium with its own mass and would collapse.

Is there a movie about Agartha? ›

"Children Who Chase Stars"), also known as Journey to Agartha, is a 2011 Japanese anime film created and directed by Makoto Shinkai, following his previous work 5 Centimeters per Second.

How does Hollow Earth get light? ›

There was sunlight. In the last couple shots of the movie and when Kong first enters the hollow earth we can see a ball of light in the sky. This was a fully CGI environment, so the sunlight had to be placed intentionally.

How does gravity work in Hollow Earth? ›

The gravity outside the hollow planet "pulls" toward the center. And, given the fact that gravity always "pulls" toward mass regardless of the orientation or configuration of the mass, inside a hollow planet gravity also "pulls" toward the inner surface.

Is Hollow Earth Skull Island? ›

The Hollow Earth is an underground location in the MonsterVerse. First theorized to exist in Kong: Skull Island, it subsequently appeared in both Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong. It is made up of cave-like tunnels and passages that lead to a large, inner world.

How deep the Earth is? ›

The center of the earth lies 6,400 kilometers (4,000 miles) beneath our feet, but the deepest that it has ever been possible to drill to make direct measurements of temperature (or other physical quantities) is just about 10 kilometers (six miles). Sign up for Scientific American's free newsletters.

Is there life in the center of the Earth? ›

These creatures of the deep are diverse, consisting of bacteria and other single-celled organisms called archaea. There are even multicellular animals miles below the surface, including tiny worms called nematodes.

Where can I watch Agartha? ›

Watch Inner Earth Civilization - The Real Life Story of One Man's Journey Home | Entrance to Agartha Found | Prime Video.

Are the Children Who Chase Lost Voices worth watching? ›

it was a beautiful movie and it makes me shed a few tears every time I watch it. While rather overcrowded for it's brief run time, Children Who Chase Lost Voices delivers it's deep, emotional message in the greatest way possible.

Is the crazy place Agartha? ›

After the events of Buried, Samantha is sent through space and becomes imprisoned in Agartha. In another dimension, during the Little Lost Girl easter egg, the Origins crew, also known as Primis, opens a portal in an area known as "The Crazy Place", in favor of freeing Samantha from Agartha.

What kind of name is Agata? ›

Agatha also Agata, is a feminine given name derived from the Greek feminine name Ἀγάθη (Agáthē; alternative form: Ἀγαθή Agathḗ), which is a nominalized form of ἀγαθή (agathḗ), i.e. the feminine form of the adjective ἀγαθός (agathós) "good".

Who are the Agarthans Fire Emblem? ›

The Agarthans were basically humans that became a super-advanced civilization, by far THE most advanced civilization in Fire Emblem, having developed actual missiles, a mask that actually has a voice changer for Edelgard when she acts as the Flame Emperor, and who knows what other kinds of tech that had been salvaged.

Why did Godzilla leave Hollow Earth? ›

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

After nearly being killed by the Oxygen Destroyer, Godzilla retreats to his temple located within the Hollow Earth to rest and regenerate.

How does Godzilla know where Kong's? ›

All that is to say that Godzilla's different instances of sensing titans are likely due to different reasons. He finds Kong on the ocean through normal senses most likely, and later feels him in the Hollow Earth because of the radiation Kong activates.

Are there more Kong's in Hollow Earth? ›

Some Kongs May Have Remained In The Hollow Earth

The Hollow Earth is a massive place, so it's not unfeasible that some chose not to accompany the group who fled through the tunnels and made their way to Skull Island. If that's true, another tribe of Kongs could be alive somewhere in the hidden Hollow Earth world.

Would a Hollow Earth have gravity? ›

Gravity would be weaker on Hollow Earth than on Outer Earth

Kong, Hollow Earth has the same gravity as Earth's surface. This should make sense since the force of gravity on an object is F = m*g, where m is the mass of said object and g is the gravitational acceleration, or 9.8 m/s².

How would a hollow planet work? ›

What If the Earth Was Hollow? - YouTube

Would a hollow planet have gravity? ›

The gravitational force you would feel inside the hollow planet is zero.

What is Kong's axe made of? ›

In a separate interview with Collider's Steve Weintraub, Borenstein revealed that the axe was actually made from the scales of a Godzilla-like creature, which explains why he's able to power it up during the big Godzilla vs.

Is Godzilla real? ›

No, Godzilla is not real. He's a fictional monster created during the golden age of horror, supernatural, and science fiction films. That said, Godzilla's design inspiration was real at one point. The original visualization of Godzilla was an irradiated octopus.

How old is legendary Godzilla? ›

In addition of aging slower despite being 252 million years old and still has the physical appearance of a giant reptile in his prime, Godzilla can practically live forever, though close-call instances such as exposure to the Oxygen Destroyer and his battle against Mechagodzilla confirmed that he can still be killed.

What is the real name of Earth? ›

It is a common misconception that “Terra” is the internationally-recognized scientific name of the planet, but in reality Earth does not have an official international name. The standard English name of the planet, including in science, is “Earth”.

Why is Earth hot inside? ›

The primary contributors to heat in the core are the decay of radioactive elements, leftover heat from planetary formation, and heat released as the liquid outer core solidifies near its boundary with the inner core.

How old is the Earth? ›

Earth is estimated to be 4.54 billion years old, plus or minus about 50 million years. Scientists have scoured the Earth searching for the oldest rocks to radiometrically date.

Which country is the center of the Earth? ›

Woods, a physicist with Gulf Energy and Environmental Systems in San Diego, California, used a digital global map and calculated the coordinates on a mainframe system as 39°00′N 34°00′E, in modern-day Turkey, near the district of Kırşehir, Kırşehir Province, approx. 1,800 km north of Giza.

How deep underground Does life exist? ›

Life has been found at depths of 5 km in continents and 10.5 km below the ocean surface.

What is Earth made of? ›

​​The earth is made up of three different layers: the crust, the mantle and the core. This is the outside layer of the earth and is made of solid rock, mostly basalt and granite. There are two types of crust; oceanic and continental. Oceanic crust is denser and thinner and mainly com​posed of basalt.

What is the point of Children Who Chase Lost Voices? ›

A coming of age story involving young love and a mysterious music, coming from a crystal radio left as a memento by an absent father, that leads a young heroine deep into a hidden world.

What if the Earth was shaped like a cube? ›

If the Earth were a cube, the terrain along the edges would be barren, rocky and dry, the atmospheric quality along the edges and corners would be non-existent, or too thin to support life, and the climate would be strikingly similar to what we have on a spherical Earth, only more extreme.

What is in the middle of Earth? ›

At the very center of Earth is the inner core, a 760-mile-wide ball of iron. Seismic studies show that it consists of iron crystals that are kept solid by tremendous pressure even though it is hotter than the surface of the sun.

What planet is nearest to the sun? ›

Mercury is the planet that orbits the closest to the Sun.

Where is the entrance to the center of the Earth? ›

The volcano is most well-known for being the entrance to the center of the earth in Jules Verne's 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth'. In the book, Professor Lidenbrock and his nephew Axel have to enter through one of Snæfellsjökull craters, the one that is touched by the shadow of a nearby peak at noon.

Can we survive with two moons? ›

If Earth had two moons, it would be catastrophic. An extra moon would lead to larger tides and wipe out major cities like New York and Singapore. The extra pull of the moons would also slow down the Earth's rotation, causing the day to get longer.

What if there were 2 suns? ›

In such a frigid environment, all Earth's water would be frozen, and Boss strongly doubts life would have arisen here. Earth under two suns "is not a habitable planet unless you had an advanced life form that originated elsewhere that could keep itself warm."

Can we travel to the sun? ›

In theory, we could. But the trip is long — the sun is 93 million miles (about 150 million kilometers) away — and we don't have the technology to safely get astronauts to the sun and back yet.

Is there life under the earth? ›

Scientists broke open bits of oceanic crust and found them full of microbes—suggesting similar life could survive on other planets. In 2013, scientists were stunned to find microbes thriving deep inside volcanic rocks beneath the seafloor off the Pacific Northwest, buried under more than 870 feet of sediment.

What is Earth made of? ›

​​The earth is made up of three different layers: the crust, the mantle and the core. This is the outside layer of the earth and is made of solid rock, mostly basalt and granite. There are two types of crust; oceanic and continental. Oceanic crust is denser and thinner and mainly com​posed of basalt.

How old is the earth? ›

Earth is estimated to be 4.54 billion years old, plus or minus about 50 million years. Scientists have scoured the Earth searching for the oldest rocks to radiometrically date.

Which planet is red planet? ›

Mars is known as the Red Planet. It is red because the soil looks like rusty iron. Mars has two small moons.

Which is the brightest planet? ›

Venus may have been named after the most beautiful deity of the Roman (and Greek) pantheons because it shone the brightest among the five planets known to ancient astronomers.

Is there a 10th planet? ›

Answer: There is no known Planet X or 10th planet in our solar system. Scientists have been looking for about a hundred years. It was believed that such a planet was required to explain the orbital characteristics of the outer planets Uranus and Neptune.

Which country is heart of Earth? ›

Antarctica is the sixth continent, but it's a continent that you can define as the heart of Earth. The world's main marine current is the circumpolar Antarctic current that moves from west to east around Antarctica. It appeared 13 million years ago and it has frozen a continent that was green in the past.

Is Middle Earth a real place? ›

The geography of Middle-earth encompasses the physical, political, and moral geography of J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional world of Middle-earth, strictly a continent on the planet of Arda but widely taken to mean the physical world, and Eä, all of creation, as well as all of his writings about it.

Is Hollow Earth Skull Island? ›

The Hollow Earth is an underground location in the MonsterVerse. First theorized to exist in Kong: Skull Island, it subsequently appeared in both Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong. It is made up of cave-like tunnels and passages that lead to a large, inner world.


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