Use affordable in a sentence (2023)


  • Distributed computing makes enormous computational problems affordable to solve.



  • I want to buy a new car, but the payments aren't affordable given my current salary.



  • A lack of safe and affordable childcare options is one of the biggest problems affecting today's working families.



  • Cottages are cozy, comfortable, and affordable, sleeping up to eight people.



  • Our aim is to provide quality goods at affordable prices!




  • Here you'll find stylish dresses at affordable prices.



  • Restaurant chains offer moderately affordable prices, family-friendly settings and a name that spans across locations.



  • Using imported European redwood means AVS timber decking gives a superior finish & affordable reliability.


  • The staff is attentive, and prices are affordable, considering the quality of the food.



  • Zombies remain a popular choice for Halloween; these costumes can be done in a wide array of looks, while keeping the expense affordable.



  • Many models of personalized cosmetics bag are, for the most part, entirely affordable.


  • High quality lip glosses, pigmented blushes and their signature hook up line of portable cream eye shadows, mascara and gloss wands, make creating a personal palette packable, interchangeable and affordable.


  • Although it is no fine-dining experience, the quality of the meats is high and the prices are affordable.



  • Affordable warmth strategies in general can provide a focus for local action to eradicate fuel poverty.


  • They also tend to be as affordable as their regular-size counterparts.



  • It's not often a cosmetic company comes about that offers high quality products at an affordable price.


  • For bachelor and bachelorette parties, friends often split the cost of the limo service, making it much more affordable.


  • Featuring an affordable price, this restaurant is a great choice for families.



  • There are no sharp edges to injure little ones, and the affordable prices mean that you won't need to worry about damage to your more expensive furniture.


  • The Fossil Eco Tote was an affordable line of bags that allowed users to carry around their things in a low-impact and yet stylish way.



  • The Amazon Marketplace is a great source for affordable home décor items, including vine rugs.


  • The benefits of affordable pricing and long product life are additional advantages to this well-known brand.


  • Discount stores, such as Wal-Mart, Kmart and Target also offer many brands of perfume at affordable prices.


  • With the first hypoallergenic line of makeup available, Almay continues to provide innovative cosmetics at affordable pricing.


  • At an affordable $26 price, this mascara has a two sided wand.



  • A simple search on Google can easily lead you to the theatrical shops in your area, or to plenty of affordable theatrical websites.


  • Britney's line of perfumes is aimed at the general public, which means all three are available just about anywhere and at affordable prices.


  • These Love Me monogrammed cosmetic bags are an affordable treat!


  • These brands are affordable and offer a wide selection of foundation in a variety of formulas.


  • Check out Sonia Kashuk's line at Target for affordable choices.


  • Whether it is concealer or eye brightener, Bare Escentuals makes affordable two-in-one products perfect for a girl on the go.


  • Giving you outstanding coverage in a variety of natural hues, it is affordable and gets the job done.



  • Bobbi Brown's eye shadows are some of the most luxurious, affordable and wearable cosmetics available on the makeup market today!


  • However, some of them are more affordable than others.


  • On the other hand, many of the greater Toronto area ski and snowboard packages are more affordable than those at the larger resorts.


  • But in reality, True Religion brand jeans aren't affordable by everyone.


  • Perfect Bridesmaids offers a lovely selection of affordable, age-appropriate junior bridesmaids dresses.


  • This affordable centerpiece works great if you have a lot of small tables or a large guest list.


  • You can be as extravagant as the town itself, or go for a more affordable favor that still holds meaning.


  • Not only will a smaller guest list make these locations affordable, but also many often have smaller capacity amounts, making them inaccessible for a larger wedding.


  • A wedding candy buffet can be a fun, affordable, and attractive way to offer your guests a range of sweet treats at your wedding reception.


  • Start shopping early to find an affordable outfit that is flattering and appropriate for the occasion, and you may find yourself with many stylish and appropriate options.



  • Sheet cakes are generally more affordable than tiered cakes because they take less time to decorate, are easier to transport, and don't require as much special equipment.


  • They're also far more affordable than most wedding cakes.


  • Couples with a small budget also need to begin this step early because the most affordable locations often book quickly.


  • They don't often require decorations that are too elaborate, so they are affordable for many couples, and they fit well with almost all wedding color and decoration themes.


  • Wedding sheet cakes with raspberries are affordable, classy reception dessert options that combine great taste with practicality.


  • It's also a very affordable decoration method that can be matched to any color scheme or cake style.


  • Silk or satin ribbons are one of the most affordable decorations and manage to look amazing with very little effort.


  • These programs help make treatment more affordable and may offer options for whatever free care is available.


  • While these resources might lead to programs that require some additional cost, there could be financial assistance available or other ways to make the treatment more affordable or free for people who cannot afford payment.


  • If you or a loved one needs help, keep searching until you locate a program that is affordable or offers the financial assistance that you need.


  • It is a more affordable option than purchasing an entire set of monogrammed towels, but still makes an elegant statement.


  • Against the luxurious surroundings, the prices of the entrees are surprisingly affordable.



  • Jeveli's affordable prices and hearty portions keep patrons coming back for more.



  • The restaurant offers buffet-style eating options for weddings, meetings and special occasions, including an affordable and midpriced dining option.



  • A fun, family-friendly atmosphere and affordable price tag make this restaurant a great place to take the kids for a night out on the town.



  • Unless countenance changes, these improvements would not be affordable.

  • Patio heaters are very popular because they offer a simple and affordable garden heating solution to the vagaries of the climate.

  • Llewellyn - Publishers of a huge range of books on magick and paganism, including yearly almanac 's and calendars at very affordable prices.

  • In a world of mass market eateries, the Dixon trio forms a bastion of affordable, high quality food in highly individual surroundings.

  • Why has it not produced affordable domestic appliances that use biogas or solar energy?

  • He has his own label including a very affordable Florentine cashmere in many colors.

  • This affordable navigator offers automatic routing capabilities with turn-by-turn directions and voice guidance.

  • Check out our affordable cotton duvets in our online cotton duvet store now.

  • Bodas - Bodas makes beautiful everyday underwear - lingerie which looks like a luxury but is affordable and made for wearing everyday.

  • Do you require a dignified funeral at affordable prices?

  • Trading for over 35 years, the company focuses on providing quality giftware at very affordable prices.

  • About Us The big idea To make affordable, unique, beautifully handmade pieces for your home, office, workplace.

  • The Council has helped to deliver more than 120 new affordable homes in Restormel over the last year.

  • Here are eight ideas for a more affordable, yet still romantic, honeymoon.

  • Our Local housing Strategy has highlighted the shortage of affordable rented housing in Moray.

  • Rural services from affordable housing to shops to doctors to busses are in decline.

  • The Robosapien is the first affordable intelligent entertainment humanoid of its kind.

  • Access to care affordable group health insurance used to deny.

  • Waiting period will act of affordable health insurance Iowa states some of their.

  • You can now purchase a monochrome laser printer of good quality at a very affordable price.

  • Introducing the Xerox Phaser 6110 Series color laser printer - the affordable replacement to business ink-jet printers that fits in any space.

  • With a great choice of accommodations on offer too, you can enjoy a warm and welcoming stay in comfortable and affordable lodgings.

  • We provide everything from a superb range of menus at affordable prices to superb stylish marquee.

  • London practice Project Orange has designed a home in response to deputy prime minster John Prescott's call for an affordable £ 60,000 house.

  • The affordable hot hatch market was, for a short period, looking rather moribund.

  • Likely to have quot seen affordable health insurance quot multivariate model estimated.

  • Other Services The Student Shop in Dunelm House includes an off-licence, offering top-quality Threshers ' products at affordable prices.

  • Be the envy of all your friends with one of these desirable, yet affordable flat screens.

  • If you enjoy fresh local seafood at an affordable price then make your way to the Mourne Seafood Bar.

  • By contrast, our program involves a few, dedicated individuals who are focused entirely on making spaceflight affordable, " said Burt Rutan.

  • There are fairly stringent conditions attached to the provision of affordable housing in the village.

  • Aims to help create efficient, affordable, safe and sustainable automotive transportation.

  • The low interest rates are helping to make a move upmarket affordable.

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  • The affordable AJ-D255E is perfect for business, education, event videography, law enforcement and other professional uses.

  • Groups would have in national advisory a greater proportion not affordable health in insurance Virginia do any.

  • Affordable health insurance Virginia or biggs the case of.

  • The need for affordable warmth assumes a high priority for older people.

  • Fiber cement weatherboard from Marley Eternit has helped give Redrow Homes a head start in meeting the Governmentâs demand for more affordable housing.

  • A countryside able to support viable farming businesses and producing wholesome, affordable food and teaming with wildlife.

  • We have a simple mission - to make beautiful, prestige quality wristwatches affordable for everyone.

  • Direct public affordable health insurance company funding the formula is security act namely m c. Quintile of communities the review offers.

  • These costs would have to be reflected in the price of the product and we want to make natural cosmetics affordable for everyone.

  • Thirty four of these will be affordable housing with the remainder for sale on the private market.

  • Amazing Soy Candles & Bath Products Affordable, quality, triple scented, 100% soy candles, cotton wicks, & soot free.

  • By contrast, our program involves a few, dedicated individuals who are focused entirely on making spaceflight affordable, said Burt Rutan.

  • Stuart a colorado detailed form only affordable christian health insurance a mcneil subsidiary what we are.

  • This new deck, however, is the most affordable direct drive in a whole new series of straight tonearm turntables from Gemini.

  • TeraView 's vision is to make terahertz technology affordable, accessible, and ubiquitous in everyday life.

  • Our patio heaters are very popular because they offer a simple and affordable garden heating solution to the vagaries of the British climate.

  • Groups would have in national advisory a greater proportion not affordable health in insurance virginia do any.

  • Affordable health insurance virginia or biggs the case of.

  • Fiber cement Weatherboard from Marley Eternit has helped give Redrow Homes a head start in meeting the Governmentâs demand for more affordable housing.

  • If you're looking for a wide selection of unique clothing options, as well as some more affordable offerings, check out Comfy Kid.

  • They offer a wide selection of designer clothing, beginning with some very affordable European brands.

  • This means you can order your own prints for an affordable rate.

  • Several department stores have photo studios designed to be affordable and easy for families with children.

  • Sears - The portrait studio at Sears is an affordable option for you newborn photos, and you can find good deals by visiting the store website before your appointment.

  • They often offer specials on affordable printing and photo greeting cards.

  • Walmart - The Picture Me portrait studio in most Walmart stores is convenient and affordable, both important factors when you have a newborn.

  • If you need affordable photos, you're more likely to get a good deal at a department store studio.

  • Evaluate your budget to determine what types of care are affordable and whether it makes financial sense to place your baby into childcare at this time.

  • You can decorate your baby's nursery with wall murals that are both affordable and adorable.

  • It was sturdy, durable, and affordable, so I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a baby swing.

  • Parents can be quite inventive in their quest for affordable childcare.

  • These childcare centers should follow the requirements set aside by your particular state, and you can certainly check into this as you search for affordable childcare.

  • Preschools are often used as a means of affordable childcare, and they may offer the best of both worlds.

  • In some cases, parents get really creative when it comes to finding affordable childcare.

  • Affordable, trustworthy care is not always available when you need it.

  • For example, consignment stores often have affordable cribs.

  • A gift giving themed dress and stockings is an adorably affordable ensemble to wear on the big day, as is a onesie that will make baby as pretty as a Christmas package under the tree.

  • If you're expecting a baby or want to give an inexpensive shower gift, you can save money by finding affordable newborn clothes.

  • You can find affordable multi-packs of many basic clothing items, including onesies, sleepers, and gowns.

  • As you search for affordable newborn clothes, be sure to snap up any deals in larger sizes as well.

  • The traditional bed tends to be the most affordable option when choosing a transitional bed.

  • La Leche League has created many sports styles for affordable prices.

  • This is a great option for finding affordable bras in the sizes you need.

  • When you're done with your bras, consider selling them at a local consignment sale or online so others have the opportunity to purchase affordable bras as well.

  • Good baby monitors are usually relatively affordable, but the best baby monitors will cost well into the hundreds of dollars.

  • The best way to come up with an affordable baby gift basket is to put one together yourself.

  • Not only does this make your gift affordable, but it is also from the heart since you made some of the items yourself.

  • Secondhand items, as long as they are in good condition or they are from a close personal friend or relative, are also a good bet to include in an affordable baby gift basket.

  • You can choose from affordable gifts or elaborate gifts, depending on your overall budget and relationship with the soon-to-be parent.

  • Another great--and often affordable--way to furnish a home is to look in your local paper and see if there are any estate sales going on near you.

  • Grinders can be found almost anywhere and most are quite affordable.

  • If you are looking for a dramatic piece of jewelry at the most affordable price, a double strand of relatively small pearls may be your best option.

  • Their items are affordable and since they only maintain an online store, their overhead is low.

  • However, keep in mind that there are well-known brands such as West Point or Cannon that have earned a reputation over the years for consistently producing high-end towels at affordable prices.

  • They remain popular despite the advent of other technologies because their pricing is relatively affordable.

  • While buying new is always the best way to go, many times it's the least affordable.

  • If the book is in good condition and at an affordable price, scoop it up!

  • Victoria's Secret - This popular and affordable brand of underwear makes it easy to purchase high quality, attractive intimates in-store and online.

  • Since their arrival on the market in the 1990s, digital cameras have become affordable; there is now also a great range of quality and features.

  • If you're looking for a sports watch to simply aid you in timing your jogging around a track, go with something affordable and basic.

  • With the rocket-fast advent of DVD sales, used video tapes have become easier and even more affordable to purchase than ever before.

  • Instead, set a budget and look for a well-rated camera with the features you want at the most affordable price.

  • That said, MP3 players are getting very affordable these days, and you are not bound to buying a multi-gigabyte version from Apple.

  • Non hi-def types can cost up to $4,000, making them relatively affordable for their size.

  • The large cities of Berlin and Munich offer apartments and houses that are at the very top of the housing ladder whereas, in the countryside, rural properties are available that can be more affordable.

  • If you are concerned about how much it cost to buy a star name, rest assured that this gift is more affordable than you may think.

  • Purchasing a star name is an affordable option for a gift that will not be forgotten.

  • In addition to the affordable price, many users prefer the simplicity of a machine that moves when they do, showing direct results for their efforts.

  • While carpet appears pricey at first, it's actually quite affordable in comparison to something like tile or wood flooring.

  • With the myriad of products that they offer, the appeal is clear and affordable.

  • This site touts their affordable prices, with several case studies showing that they can save consumers up to 50 percent or more on their fireworks orders.

  • Seek recommendations from music teachers, who can steer you in the direction of affordable, quality instruments.

  • An insurance policy might make good sense if the premium is affordable.

  • If you weren't planning on spending upwards of $50.00 on your pet's dinner bowls, then Tzarina has a wide variety of glazed cat bowls that are easily affordable.

  • Many shelters and rescue groups, as well as private veterinary clinics, provide affordable spay/neuter surgery.

  • The product is likely to stay affordable and readily available due to the high recycling rate of paper.

  • The cost of laser surgery is typically higher than the cost of traditional surgery for declawing, but recently these lasers have become more affordable.

  • It may also affect your ability to get a job or affordable insurance.

  • From applying online and paying at the pump to affordable monthly payments, FINA strives to provide its customers with a reason to keep coming back.

  • They are highly affordable and provide individuals with flexibility, since they can be used any place that Visa debit cards are used.

  • These are just some of the resources available online to those looking for affordable interest rates.

  • The program is a process in which the debt consolidation company works with creditors and the borrower to structure a more affordable payment plan to help the borrower to get out of debt.

  • Once a cardholder, you will be automatically enrolled in TheWorld' and receive discounts and affordable rates on all your travels.

  • Compare the interest rate of these cards as well, to determine which is more affordable to your particular needs.

  • Call each creditor to see if you can have your interest rate reduced or have the payments reduced to a more affordable amount.

  • Debt management services are not free, although you can justify the cost of one of these services if they get you a significantly more affordable deal with your creditors.

  • You can book travel through the American Express Travel website to get affordable rates and discount pricing.

  • If you don't want -or can't get- a secured card, other options are to get an affordable standard card with the help of a co-signer, who is someone who agrees to promise the creditor to be equally responsible for the debt if you don't pay.

  • If you decide to investigate this possibility for getting affordable legal advice, you will be in good company.

  • To find out if there is affordable legal aid in your area visit the web site.

  • Obviously, this is the best and most affordable method and well worth investigating to see if it's a viable option.

  • If you are looking for a stylish, affordable way to add storage to your home, a jelly cabinet just might be the perfect choice for your needs.

  • Certain individuals will always point out that foam couch cushions all feel similar, whereas down or wool, in spite of their tendency to flatten out, provide a uniquely comfortable and affordable alternative.

  • Whether you're purchasing replacement items or simply downsizing, it's certainly a good idea to make the pieces that you no longer need available to purchasers who are looking to meet their own home furnishing needs at affordable prices.

  • Small and large offices alike consider this affordable option.

  • However, plenty of manufacturers made affordable knockoffs in similar styles and materials.

  • Designed to be affordable, this chair features the patented PostureFit, which supports the way your pelvis tilts naturally forward, keeping your spine naturally aligned, whether you're leaning back or forward.

  • You can find affordable living room furniture for any type of living room, big or small.

  • When you want to find affordable living room furniture, you may have to be creative in your search.

  • When you're shopping for very affordable pieces, shopping at consignment stores, thrift stores, estate sales, classified ads like those on Craigslist or (free!), garage sales, and furniture outlet stores will be your best bet.

  • Sometimes the best way to get your hands on affordable furniture for your living room or any other room in your house is to get your hands dirty.

  • When you shop at a leather furniture outlet, you are getting high quality leather furniture that will last for years to come at affordable discount prices that maximize your shopping dollars.

  • Previously owned used office furniture rarely shows signs of wear and is very affordable.

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  • Walmart online has affordable patio furniture, with bistro sets available that cost about $100 and larger dining sets for under $300.

  • Consignment stores are also good places to find affordable used furniture.

  • Whether you are starting with a completely empty room or adding your own accessory pieces to the standard dorm room bed and desk, you want the furniture you get to be comfortable, attractive, functional and affordable.

  • There are many great online furniture stores that offer very affordable furniture for dorm rooms.

  • One Way Furniture offers a wide selection of furniture for dorm rooms that is affordable and practical.

  • From online discount retailers to thrift stores and garage sales, affordable furniture that is perfect for dorm rooms is available in a variety of styles and designs.

  • The outdoor furniture from Sears is not only stylish and comfortable, it is affordable.

  • From affordable, kid-friendly items to designer furniture that will turn heads, there are lots of great blow-up pieces from which to choose.

  • A top-notch passive solar design provides a considerable amount of heat and light for the home without any conversion of the sun's energy, making it an affordable type of solar energy use.

  • In 2007, Citizenre introduced a way to make solar power more affordable to the average household with its REnU Solar Panel System.

  • For drivers concerned about the economic and environmental impact of fossil fuels, hybrid cars present a great option for affordable, green transportation.

  • These vehicles are very popular with consumers and are an affordable multi-fuel option.

  • For hybrid vehicle buyers in search of a sporty look and affordable price, the Honda CR-Z is a popular option.

  • Many people interested in green living are looking for alternatives to traditional flooring and are seeking a flooring that is environmentally friendly and affordable.

  • Smaller products, such as lights, attic fans, and roof vents also make use of solar technology and are affordable for many homeowners.

  • Recent developments in cities like Portland, Oregon have shown that low-income housing can be built green, attractive and affordable.

  • The truth is that solar power systems technicians are available in almost every community across the country, and the cost of solar power systems are becoming more and more affordable.

  • Finding low cost or even free solar panels is a useful way to make solar energy affordable.

  • The low production cost means that they are affordable for business and residential customers.

  • The Jellyfish makes owning one's own wind power design practical and affordable.

  • Solar Home has home kits that start for less than $8500, so give them a try to see how affordable solar panel kits can be.

  • Affordable Solar - This great website advertises a number of affordable kits including their $999 residential starter kit.

  • Polycrystalline panels are typically more affordable than monocrystalline panels, but they are not as efficient at absorbing sunlight and converting it to usable electricity.

  • Because they are so affordable, after only one month of use, you will recover your initial investment.

  • Consumers should not only investigate solar panel installation, but should lobby their Senators and Congressman for measures to help make solar energy reachable and affordable for every homeowner.

  • They also needed to bring the price down to an affordable level, as some natural cleaning products were as much as 100 percent more expensive than regular cleaners.

  • They sell a complete line of cleaning supplies for the kitchen and bathroom that range in price from $2.99 to $3.59, so they are as affordable as any other cleaning supplies you can find in the store.

  • Because the bags were simple and plainly adorned with an eco-themed print, they were also affordable.

  • Hybrid sales were increasing by February of 2009 with the growing popularity of the Honda Insight, Ford Fusion, and Toyota Prius, all offered at affordable prices utilizing both gas and electric engines that can travel good distances.

  • Hybrid vehicles are manufactured by both foreign and domestic automakers and while all may seem high in green technology, the price of these hybrid vehicles is from affordable to out of reach for some folks.

  • If hybrid cars are to succeed and be affordable, the mentality of the car consumer that, "I need everything in my car, including a refrigerator," must change.

  • This makes it better for the environment and means these bikes are a more affordable transportation option.

  • Buying new appliances can get expensive, but by taking advantage of Energy Star tax credits your home renovation project can become a lot more affordable.

  • According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, the good news is that solar system prices have dropped dramatically since 1980, making them more affordable.

  • As the industry develops, the technology will continue to improve, perhaps further driving down the costs and making solar energy more affordable in the future.

  • Wind energy offers many benefits, including affordable power for your home that doesn't compromise the environment.

  • Despite these few drawbacks,, wind turbines are becoming more affordable as they are more frequently mass produced.

  • This is an affordable change you can start making one light bulb at a time.

  • Vitacost has the most affordable herbs that I have found.

  • Ginger is also one of the more affordable herbs - a nice bonus.

  • Hyland's provides homeopathic medicine that is affordable as well as effective.

  • This affordable, user friendly program lets you upload a photo of your own room so you don't have to second guess any aspect of your design.

  • Simply Shabby Chic from Target - An affordable line of furniture, bedding and bath items designed by Rachel Ashwell.

  • Sheet metal wall décor is generally an affordable decorative item.

  • This large selection of affordable bedding can encompass around forty fashionable patterns to define your bedroom décor.

  • Bed linens are another terrific source of affordable fabric, so think about sheets, pillow cases, bed skirts, and shams as potential material for window treatments.

  • In the late 90s, Martha stepped into the world of home furnishings and started to make her home décor style elements affordable and achievable.

  • Luckily for those of us without a spare $8 million to spend on a lamp, the Tiffany lamp shades have inspired millions of pretenders that are every bit as beautiful as the originals - although slightly more affordable.

  • Wrought iron wall art has made a huge impact on the decorating world, and stores such as Kirklands and Tuesday Morning typically have a large selection of these and other Tuscany styled designs at affordable prices.

  • Touch of Class offers affordable tapestry wall hangings in many themes including Old World.

  • Luckily, cutting-edge bathroom designs are more available and affordable thanks to the many online retailers and Ikea-likes of the world.

  • A similar idea with less technicality at affordable prices, are the semi-wet rooms and walk-in showers.

  • Most rods are hollow and while that helps with shipping costs to keep the cost at an affordable price, some metal gauges are too thin for the weight of heavy curtains.

  • Change them with the seasons to enhance your décor; they are an affordable way to dress your home up for a holiday.

  • You'll find affordable wicker furniture at many flea markets, and a coat of spray paint will have it looking new again.

  • With a little time and careful shopping, you can mimic this look at an affordable price.

  • Accessories are a great and affordable way to change the look of your room.

  • Glidden paint is one of the best performing and affordable interior and exterior paint companies in the world.

  • Affordable and trusted among home building professionals, Sherwin Williams Paint could be the right choice for your next painting project.

  • Ikea - Ikea catalogs are gold to people who love the company's modern and affordable Swedish design but don't live close enough to shop in-store.

  • Decorating with contact paper is an affordable way to turn every day items into eye catching room accents.

  • It's a simple and affordable way to give your bathroom mirror a "facelift".

  • It's great when a product comes along like these mirror frame kits that makes it affordable and easy to enhance the look and value of your home.

  • No matter what your decorating style is, you should be able to find affordable drapery rod sets with all the mounting hardware you need.

  • If you're looking for affordable, stylish ways to dress up the windows in your home, consider using Umbra curtain rods.

  • Umbra curtain rods deliver style and durability for an affordable price.

  • Consider pulling together a set of panels, rods, hold backs and hooks for the windows of your home and know that affordable style is in reach.

  • While the selection of mirrors can be on the expensive side, the simpler wall mirrors here such as those adorned with embossings of wildlife, are well within an affordable price range.

  • They offer a range of affordable wall mirrors with inventive designs, from clusters of small circular mirrors grouped together to embossed mirrors with a colorful patchwork frame design.

  • After buying the compact kit once, users only have to buy the affordable refill makeup items to refill their pack.

  • The Look in a Box kits aren't the cheapest makeup kits available, but they are relatively affordable in comparison to other MAC products and for how much makeup comes in the kit.

  • Packed to go is an affordable makeup kit that is perfect to put in any woman's purse.

  • With the right timing and a little luck, you may be able to find some of these more affordable makeup kits at an even lower price by taking advantage of certain money-saving offers.

  • On the upside, do-it-yourself kits are typically more affordable than office treatments, although in the long run they may prove less cost-effective as the product is purchased routinely and the results are not as quick to appear.

  • Even drugstore brands, once considered the affordable option for those who preferred not to splurge on high-end lines, have experienced a surge in prices.

  • Here are a few that stand out, offer high-quality products, have a strong reputation and offer everything at affordable prices.

  • In fact, some of the world's most popular fragrances are available for affordable prices nowadays, thanks in great part to the plethora of Internet boutiques devoted to discounted perfumes.

  • Many people find lip plumpers to be an effective and affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery procedures.

  • Cosmetics, (Eyes, Lips Face), has a mission to deliver great beauty at an affordable price to help every woman look and feel her best, no matter what her budget.

  • Makeup is an affordable option for creating a surplus of Halloween costume ideas.

  • Thankfully, Britney Spears Curious is an affordable mid-range fragrance available at the following Internet and discount retailers.

  • Not only is it full of high quality brushes, but it is also astoundingly affordable!

  • The affordable cost of Revlon mineral products makes them appealing to women who want the benefits of mineral makeup at a budget-friendly price.

  • Full airbrush kits can be very expensive, and a pump or aerosol spray formula is an affordable alternative.

  • The best part is that many makeup brands for African American women are quite affordable and can be found at your local drugstore.

  • Cosmetics giant CoverGirl has long been a staple in women's cosmetic cases because it is extremely affordable, is high quality and can be found at any drugstore.

  • Black Radiance is a complete cosmetics line that specifically caters to African American skin tones and is an extremely affordable brand found in most drugstores.

  • Black Opal is a very affordable line of cosmetics and skin care for African American women that features a full range of products including foundations, powders, blush, eye shadow and lip products that are available at drugstores.

  • Whether your child is learning music, math, language arts, or how to use computer technology, playing free educational games online makes it fun and affordable.

  • If you are looking for a user-friendly digital camera that is affordable and produces professional quality images, consider the Kodak Easy Share Camera line.

  • Canon's release of the Digital Rebel, the first lightweight affordable digital SLR, allowed amateurs and home users to finally take professional-grade images without spending thousands of dollars.

  • The COOLPIX S60 is designed for amateur photographers, but pros looking for an affordable device that features fun innovations will be impressed as well.

  • However, the evolution of digital photography has made SLR cameras more affordable and accessible to amateur shutterbugs.

  • This system is very efficient, affordable, and meets a growing need in the world of advertising.

  • Since 2001, they have been selling artwork and images online at affordable prices.

  • Polaroid releases the affordable $20 pocket-sized Swinger land camera.

  • Canon's PowerShot A-Series caters to consumers who are looking for an affordable camera without the expenses or features of pricier equipment.

  • Refurbished cameras often work just as well as new ones, but are much more affordable.

  • What was once seen as tasteless and expensive is a new batch of health foods that are affordable, easy to find, and satisfying to the heart and palate.

  • However, paper punches can provide an affordable die cut alternative for the casual scrapbooker.

  • Heartland combines leather and suede to create a two-toned album that is both attractive and affordable.

  • The HP Scrapbooking site is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in quick and affordable scrapbooking projects.

  • Wicker baskets are another popular and affordable scrapbooking storage solution.

    (Video) How to use "affordability" in a sentence - "affordability" sentence examples with pronunciation
  • If you're looking for unique and affordable wall art, consider using your Cricut to cut vinyl decals.

  • It does most of the basic tasks you'd want to complete in Photoshop, but comes with a slightly easier to use interface and a much more affordable price tag.

  • Kits provide an affordable option for scrapbook projects because you don't need to spend as much on design elements, paper and tools necessary for traditional albums.

  • The Slice is a much more affordable alternative to the Cricut.

  • The selection at free sites may be somewhat limited, but this can be a very affordable way to scrapbook.

  • You'll have to download selected items onto your computer in order to use them, but once they're downloaded, you can use them over and over, which is more affordable than using paper scrapbooking elements.

  • Adding unique touches to your scrapbook can be affordable, while still allowing you full creativity, once you know where to find free embellishments and accessories.

  • The idea is to help make scrapbooking as affordable as possible.

  • In addition, portable storage pieces are affordable, so it's easy to add more items as your collection expands.

  • When you use free downloads, it can be even more affordable.

  • With free downloads and fun designs, it's easy and affordable to create a scrapbook you'll love for years to come.

  • Although the price of admission varies each year, the GASC is very affordable.

  • Admission to the workshop events requires an extra fee, but these are also quite affordable.

  • Only a short drive from several cities on the east coast, the resort is perfect for a quick weekend, or an affordable week-long vacation.

  • They do, however, offer an affordable option for families on a tight budget.

  • The area was created as a means of offering affordable snow sport activity for the local youth.

  • With a bit of planning, you may be able to find affordable fares for New Zealand Queenstown skiing vacations.

  • Their lift tickets tend to be more expensive, but combining a lift ticket with lessons and equipment rental may be more affordable.

  • These resorts often have affordable season passes and lift tickets.

  • Some even offer some affordable ski packages.

  • With a little thought, you can come up with many stress free gift basket ideas that are affordable and easy to design.

  • Prices range from affordable to expensive, and the website offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • If you are a Junior clothing customer, you probably have a closet full of these affordable and trendy styles.

  • A'Gaci - A'Gaci offers affordable teen fashions that fit the latest trends.

  • In a report released by the Radio Advertising Bureau, Old Navy was the top retailer among 13-18-year-olds with affordable prices and trendy fashions listed as the main reasons teens shop there.

  • This skirt comes in the ultimate fun color of sunny-yellow, and sunny is exactly how you'll feel in this affordable $34.50US mini skirt.

  • Deb stores are stocked with the latest styles at affordable prices.

  • Not only are the cute clothes affordable, but also some of the stores, like Delia's, offer some fantastic accessories!

  • Again, Planned Parenthood provides affordable birth control.

  • You'll find beautiful dresses at affordable prices.

  • Is the budget for the dance big enough for an elaborate theme, or where can costs be trimmed to make it more affordable?

  • Target - Target is popular for affordable clothing and other items.

  • Not only are the prom dresses here affordable, but because they are geared towards young women, they are also boldly creative.

  • Pricing is considered affordable, although some may argue that the prices are still not as budget friendly as many families would prefer.

  • Look for junior clothing in stores like Saks and Nordstrom (for expensive designer wear) to shops like Gap and Old Navy, which offer more affordable but no less trendy fashions.

  • Because these fashions are usually quite affordable, parents can often satisfy a young shopper's style cravings each season.

  • Rave juniors clothing store is the ideal place to find the latest teen fashion trends at affordable prices.

  • Prices at Rave are affordable for any teen budget.

  • In the prom section of the website you will find hair style ideas, places to find affordable prom dresses, accessory tips, recent celebrity fashions, and even a quiz to find your ideal perfume fragrance.

  • Maybe you are looking for an affordable prom dress, but still want to show up at your prom looking like you spent a lot?

  • With affordable clothing, and many store locations, Pac Sun is a great store for teens that like the Californian style to shop.

  • While you can buy fashionable clothes at affordable prices on the site, you can also spend your time learning about guys, horoscopes, entering to win prizes and even more.

  • Since they are affordable and fairly easy to find, teenage sitters are often recruited for one-night jobs.

  • For teens interested in going away to camp, it can almost seem impossible to find a summer camp, let alone an affordable one.

  • Using a website like Teen Summer Camps, you can not only find the best camp for you, but the affordable ones.

  • Babysitting is a popular job choice for teenagers because it is easy for them to do, helps build responsibility, and is affordable for parents who need someone to watch their child for an evening, or maybe over the summer.

  • Making a gift is much more affordable than buying one, and many teens would prefer to make something instead of spending money, since a lot of teens do not have much extra spending cash, if they have any at all.

  • If you like to draw, then this is a great way to make an affordable gift that will mean a lot to your boyfriend.

  • There are many affordable ways to decorate a bedroom, and most teenagers could probably do most of the decorating themselves.

  • While not all parents will be able to afford a complete remodeling of their teenager's bedroom, there are many affordable ways to make a teen's room seem more grown up.

  • The course is also affordable with most Red Cross centers pricing the class at around $50.

  • Camden Drive is a dress retailer with affordable prom dresses.

  • Cybernet Plaza has a collection of affordable prom dresses in a wide variety of styles.

  • In addition to the affordable and easy option of purchasing a dress under the $50 price mark, there are also numerous ways you can make gorgeous prom dresses under $50 for yourself or a friend.

  • Wet Seal can be another great option for affordable prom dresses.

  • Although many of the more affordable dresses are on the shorter side, don't automatically count them out.

  • Online juniors retailers like Alloy and Delias can be a great place to get an affordable prom dress.

  • Popular plus size and regular size retailer Deb makes it easy for girls of all sizes to find affordable prom night fashion.

  • Many Goodwill and Salvation Army stores even offer half-off days to help make your used prom dress that much more affordable.

  • There are a few affordable key pieces to include in your warm-weather wardrobe that will leave you looking cool in the hot temperatures.

  • The first step toward finding affordable graduation gifts is establishing your budget.

  • Flowers can be really affordable, but if you spend a little bit more, you can get your friend her favorite flower in a beautiful arrangement.

  • If your teen is college-bound, a shower caddy is a practical, simple, and very affordable gift that she'll definitely use.

  • Soon she'll be out with an armful of affordable wedding dresses.

  • This is a very affordable option if you want to keep costs down.

  • It's not enough that a professional wedding photographer is affordable.

  • Titanium rings are heirloom quality to last a lifetime but often very affordable compared to gold or platinum rings.

  • has affordable beach wedding dresses.

  • Wearing a used wedding dress is an affordable solution to an expensive dilemma.

  • Bridesmaid dresses should be affordable.

  • Can one choose a dress that's affordable and stylish?

  • Companies such as J.Crew are now offering simple yet elegant alternatives to the traditional wedding gown at affordable prices.

  • Destination Wedding Gowns offers an amazing assortment or affordable beach wedding dresses in a variety of styles and sizes.

  • Best of all, most dresses up for auction are affordable.

  • While the bride most likely has the best of intentions, flower girl dresses are expensive, for some they're not even affordable.

  • They offer affordable yet stylish dresses in sizes up to 24W.

  • Plus Size Bridal is an online outlet that offers affordable dresses in sizes up to 28W.

  • Although availability does vary by region, statice, sweet William, yarrow, amaryllis, chrysanthemum, fuchsia, and zinnia are generally the most affordable choices for brides who plan to marry in September, October, or November.

  • It might be more suitable, not to mention affordable, to purchase all your wedding flower needs separately instead of as part of a package.

  • Children's bedding is quite affordable here, and you can expect to find plenty of your kids' favorite popular characters, such as Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob Squarepants.

  • When it comes to bedding, it can take some pretty thorough searching to find products that are as high in quality as they are affordable.

  • Finding an affordable comforter set may be your goal, but finding a product worth buying is also important.

  • This is a more affordable style of comforter whereas a baffle box construction seals the feather inside the inner walls of the baffling and therefore maintains the integrity of the lofting.

  • The majority of synthetic fiberfill comforters are machine washable, and quite affordable.

  • She also launched an affordable home decor line exclusively with Target stores, called Simply Shabby Chic.

  • Place your request for the "Home Sale" and "Country Home" catalogs for a glimpse at the colorful and often very affordable bedding options available here.

  • If you're looking for classy window treatments at an affordable price, you need to look for the Martha Stewart Living line of home accessories that includes drapery panels and sheer curtains at affordable prices.

  • Why not let her help you add the finishing touches to your home with her line of affordable yet classy home accents?

  • Purchasing used Wilton cake pans offers bakers and decorators an affordable option for making special occasion cakes.

  • The most expensive is the 12-inch by 18-inch sheet cake pan, which is slightly more than twice the price of the most affordable pan, the 8-inch round pan.

  • From affordable to high-end clothing, celebrities have developed a number of fashion lines bearing their own famous name.

  • This Sex and the City actress has done the impossible - put her celebrity name on an affordable clothing line.

  • Beyonce and her sister, Solange, created the more affordable Dereon line, marketed to younger customers.

  • The Olsen twins recently released their label The Row, a high fashion, pricey adult fashion line, as well as Elizabeth and James (named after their sister and brother), that offers more affordable styling.

  • Madonna created a buzz when she released her M by Madonna line for clothing store H&M in spring 2007, an affordable collection of mix-and-match pieces primarily in white, black and gray.

  • Some items are definitely for more affluent customers, while others are easily affordable for average-income buyers.

  • Old Navy was mentioned as a source of affordable children's clothing above, and there are many other options for purchasing children's clothing online.

  • This is where choosing well-made but affordable garments comes into play.

  • There are several websites who offer beautiful and affordable evening dresses for young girls.

  • Gymboree makes children's clothing that is affordable, stylish and practical.

  • If you're a parent who wants affordable fashions for your kids that are also quality pieces, Gymboree is a good place to shop for young children.

  • Their unique selections are worn by celebrity babies, but are affordable enough for the average cute kid to sport anywhere from playground play dates to weekend trips to grandma's house.

  • The company offers affordable, super cool and ultra hip apparel for boys and girls.

  • Best of all, boys Levi's painter shorts come at an affordable price, so most families can afford to pick up a pair or two and give their child a comfortable and fashionable choice for warm weather.

    (Video) Meaning of affordable in Hindi/affordable का क्या मतलब है/example sentence of affordable
  • Starting at size 2T, their painter shorts come in a traditional denim wash and are durable and affordable.

  • Nightgowns are easy to find and are very affordable.

  • In addition to offering a very wide selection, they feature a clearance section where more affordable dresses can be found than within the standard collections featured on the site.

  • While the regular collections include some pricey dresses, the clearance section offers several, more affordable, options.

  • However, sometimes designer duds are more affordable than you might believe.

  • Pumpkin Patch kids clothing stores have been providing trendy and affordable options for families all across the country.

  • Their prices are more affordable than their well-known relative, and the clothes are just as cute.

  • Considered to be one of the most affordable designer lines, American Apparel is an excellent designer choice for the budget conscious.

  • The first step toward finding affordable clothes that your kids will still look great in, is to let go of the guilt.

  • Kids will ask for brand name clothing, and yet there is no written rule that insists you are a bad parent if you opt for the affordable option instead.

  • OshKosh bib overalls are a comfortable, casual, affordable clothing item produced by the OshKosh B'Gosh company.

  • While jeans are popular, easy to find and generally affordable, there are plenty of other types of pants for boys to wear.

  • The best thing about personalizing items is that oftentimes it is very affordable and convenient to create.

  • Online screen printing is a great, affordable option that allows you the freedom to create whatever you choose.

  • Finally, for the ultimate in formal wear, check out Flower Girl Dress for Less, which carries affordable formal dresses.

  • You can find a huge array of Hannah Montana inspired tops, bottoms, pajamas, and accessories from the new Miley Cyrus clothing line at affordable prices.

  • There are many specialty stores that are sweet on little girl clothes that are adorable and oftentimes affordable.

  • For the most rugged, longest lasting jean jackets, look for well-known brands such as Levi's (a company that knows denim inside and out) or even DKNY, which carries a boy's denim jacket that's much more affordable than you may think.

  • Gap Kids and Old Navy are two affordable options that you'll find in many shopping malls, but both also offer online shopping if you prefer.

  • Gymboree has long provided parents and kids with affordable, adorable clothing.

  • Be forewarned, not all are affordable to the average consumer, but affordability is not what has earned these designers the spotlight.

  • Specializing in those cute pleated polo dresses along with several other preppy numbers, Ralph Lauren is fairly affordable for most parents and emphasizes clean cut lines alongside quality.

  • These stores are great places to look for affordable kids' clothing.

  • Carter's girls clothing is a durable and affordable option that many parents appreciate.

  • Old Navy promises cute clothes at very affordable prices.

  • It is widely considered the most affordable of the three stores, and you can often get basics there for far less than you would at one of the other clothing stores in the brand's family.

  • Since the costs are affordable, you can usually allow a little more leeway for your child to pick out a few things he likes from the store.

  • Their lines of clothing range from exclusive and expensive, called "Ralph Lauren Black Label" clothing to the more affordable lines of "Ralph Lauren," "Polo," and "Polo Sport."

  • Generations of boys have grown up in Fruit of the Loom, and the name is synonymous with affordable, classic, quality underwear.

  • The combination of good quality and affordable price is what drove Fruit of the Loom to long lasting success.

  • Hence, if you are looking to outfit your child in Splendid from head-to-toe, you will want to take advantage of Splendid sales in order to make this line more affordable.

  • Best of all, these comfortable pieces of kidswear are rather affordable in addition to being entirely practical.

  • Crazy for Bargains lists this affordable and cute piece in a warm and soft fleece for boys of different sizes.

  • Old Navy plaid shirts are affordable and simple, and if you need to buy several for a busy kid who might rip or stain them, you will save money.

  • With affordable price tags and super cute designs and fabrics, Carters is a brand that is well-loved all around.

  • While the store is closing and the webshop is up for sale, all items are 30 percent off, making organic more affordable than virtually any other place online!

  • At Gymboree outlet stores, the popular brand of Gymboree clothing can be purchased for even more affordable prices than can be found at Gymboree signature stores across the nation.

  • In rural areas there may not be many options, but that is why Gymboree offers affordable shipping costs if you purchase items from their websites.

  • The prices are typically very affordable and the quality is good enough for most parents, although many Gerber items will stretch after washing and lose their shape over time.

  • As such, this shop has beautiful patterns and affordable pricing for girls' dresses of all sizes.

  • A great way to get tipped off on hot sale items, this site will help you find adorable sundresses at affordable prices.

  • Whether you need casual clothing or affordable formal wear for your little one, discounted toddler clothing can save you money.

  • Target marks their already affordable clothing down as much as 75 percent, with holiday merchandise sometimes drastically reduced to 90 percent off!

  • Another option for personalized Sesame Street items is Personal Creations, which offers affordable, personalized clothing, and much more.

  • They're safe, comfortable, and affordable, and you can even find pairs cool enough that your kids will want to wear them.

  • Ann Loren touts itself as boutique clothing at affordable prices.

  • Pricing is not necessarily affordable, but it remains on the "admirable" side of expensive.

  • Here, your child can choose from amongst Cinderella gowns or Belle-inspired nightgowns, all at reasonably affordable prices.

  • Prices are very affordable, allowing you to make a fashion statement with only a small financial investment.

  • Check out the all-white boys' tuxedo and paisley vest that is offered in infant and toddler sizes (up to 5T) at a very affordable price.

  • If you save money on these pieces, then your flannel pajama set will be even more affordable.

  • Ranging from the more expensive brands to very affordable generic ones, this website is the ideal choice if one of the main factors in your search is price.

  • The real challenge lies in finding high quality and original designs that are matched by affordable prices.

  • For some parents this is the only way to make upscale merchandise affordable, but these sales do occur and quite regularly.

  • They are more affordable as well, which means that you can stock up on a few extra for your child.

  • Lower level department stores carry items that are more affordable.

  • Not only is the collection edgy and unique, but it's also affordable, making the Shaun White collection a favorite among boys and their parents.

  • The quality of these items is usually very high and matched by affordable prices.

  • Articles also include tips on choosing quality garments and finding affordable children's clothing, an important aspect of purchasing clothes for children who seem to outgrow their outfits faster than you can purchase them.

  • For tweens and teen girls, dELiA's is an affordable online retailer that also puts out a monthly catalog.

  • You can request a catalog from CWDkids where clothing basics remain key and prices are fairly affordable.

  • Seamstresses can find small pieces of fabric at many craft stores for affordable prices.

  • Unfortunately, upscale distribution and high prices place Biscotti dresses in a higher rung of fashion that may not be affordable for many parents.

  • Though Biscotti items en masse may not be affordable for the common household, they are not completely out of reach as a special occasion splurge.

  • If you're good with computers, you can probably find plenty of local residents in need of affordable tech support.If you're interested in starting your own business, many schools offer elective courses in entrepreneurship.

  • This type of activism helps increase public awareness of the importance of affordable higher education.

  • Community colleges may be an affordable option, especially if you are only attending part time while working full time.

  • The school's mission statement expresses the institution's dedication to helping students find high quality and affordable education.

  • Many Catholic high schools have researched financial aid in an effort to make school more affordable for their students.

  • Although Clark Atlanta University scholarships can help make your education more affordable.

  • That's a sizable percentage of the cost of attending the university, and makes the total cost competitive with that of state schools and in many cases more affordable than attending an out-of-state public institution.

  • Another key to turning any school into an affordable educational experience is contacting the financial aid office or visiting the college's website to learn more about school-specific scholarships.

  • The old adage, "where there's a will, there's a way" certainly holds true when one is looking for ways to make college affordable.

  • At its most basic level, the chart will show you which schools have the highest annual tuition and which schools are most affordable.

  • For this reason, it may be more affordable for you to stay closer to home.

  • You might find you don't need a four-year school and can instead attend a more affordable community college.

  • While Owens serves over 45,000 students each year, they offer affordable and quality education with class sizes averaging 15 students.

  • Clemson University offers one of the best MBA programs in the country at a very affordable price for both in-state and out-of-state applicants.

  • While Villanova might not be the best fit for students looking to fully gain an MBA online, the school's certificate program offers an affordable master's certification that would be difficult to acquire through other avenues.

  • If you have your heart set on a program that isn't affordable, investigate financial aid options.

  • That's why it's especially important for doctoral students to look into financial aid options as soon as possible after program admission so that they can make their degrees affordable.

  • If you don't envision landing an education, teaching, or related job that will pull in enough to pay off your loans and cover additional bills, keep searching for more affordable programs.

  • Other Apple laptops, such as the MacBook Air, are also student favorites, but the MacBook is the most affordable model and the most common.

  • Although they can help out significantly with the costs of tuition, textbooks, and more, student loans, supplementary jobs, freelance work, and other opportunities can also contribute to making any degree more affordable.

  • People today are realizing that you can get quality education at an affordable price by avoiding Ivy League, elitist institutions and sticking to the state system.

  • While some may find that the cost of an online PhD is more affordable than an in-person one, few will find the time investment any less than that of a local college.

  • The most affordable are just a few thousand dollars per year, but on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are programs that may exceed $100,000 total.

  • The flip side is that many countries outside of America offer far more affordable MBA programs to potential students, so those who might demonstrate a significant financial need at home might be able to more easily afford a program abroad.

  • Although it's sometimes glossed over in college-prep publications and lectures, it can be just as important to feel comfortable at a school as it can be to find academic challenge or an affordable degree program.

  • To that end, all ships feature delicious Italian cuisine accompanied by affordable Italian wines, with pasta and veal offered every night, a predominantly Italian staff and crew, and sleek Italian design and art.

  • The wines are generally affordable and pleasing, and the service is excellent, in the Italian tradition.

  • Many cruise-oriented websites also offer discounts on Carnival cruises, though their offers may not be as affordable as those purchased directly through the cruise line.

  • More flexible discounts can be arranged for special circumstances such as group travel and past guests, allowing more passengers to take advantage of great deals to make their cruise vacation even more enjoyable and affordable.

  • They are convenient, affordable, and offer a wide variety of entertainment and travel options for people with many interests.

  • Larger ships frequently offer expanded amenities for children and families, including affordable cabins, children's facilities, and onboard activities.

  • Senior citizens may also be eligible for additional rate discounts, making these vacations affordable for everyone.

  • As a premium cruise line, Celebrity offers the best of luxury cruises at a more affordable price for passengers.

  • Cruise vacations can be expensive, but passengers who take advantage of Caribbean luxury cruise airline flights all inclusive offers can enjoy substantial savings that may make cruise travel pleasantly affordable and even more convenient.

  • Planning a cruise wedding is often more affordable than couples initially realize and it is often virtually hassle-free, with the cruise line providing nearly all of the necessities for the perfect wedding and reception.

  • Discount cruises can make such a vacation even more affordable, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars if planned properly.

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What is a good sentence for affordable? ›

We need more affordable homes for people to buy as we rekindle an ownership revolution. There were few affordable housing schemes available at the time. The couple had spent hours looking for something affordable. We sell luxury clothes at affordable prices.

What makes something affordable? ›

If something is affordable, it means its price is low enough that you (or most people) have enough money to buy it. Affordable is the adjective form of the verb afford. If you can afford something, you have enough money to pay for it.

What does mean by affordable? ›

: able to be afforded : having a cost that is not too high. products sold at affordable prices. an affordable purchase. affordable housing [=housing that is not too expensive for people of limited means]

Is it at affordable price or prices? ›

If a car lot is focusing an advertisement on just one vehicle, they would say they have it now "at an affordable price" to indicate that the one vehicle is affordable. Typically you would hear "at an affordable price" unless you're talking about prices being in the plural form.

What is a good simple sentence? ›

Simple Sentences

Examples of simple sentences include the following: Joe waited for the train. The train was late. Mary and Samantha took the bus.

What is affordable value? ›

If something is affordable, its price is reasonable, it is inexpensive, most people can afford it. An affordable product or service is one that is within most people's budget. In this context, the word 'budget' means how much money somebody has available or put aside to purchase something.

Is affordable the same as cheap? ›

b) What is your top of mind recall when the reference term is CHEAP? Both words sound similar but are not same. Affordable stands for 'being inexpensive' or rather being 'Reasonable in price'. It does give a positive sense of being optimally priced & thus result in being a good value for money proposition.

Why is affordable price important? ›

Charging a low price encourages many customers to buy your products and services by making them affordable and offering them a reason to choose your products over those of your competitors.

What type of speech is affordable? ›

Affordable is an adjective - Word Type.

How do you use low cost in a sentence? ›

Take your own food with you on low-cost flights. People can buy low-cost flights from the internet.

How to professionally say cheap? ›

We use 'economical' when something doesn't cost much money.

The big packet is more economical than the small one -- it's only 80 cents more.

What is a simple simple sentence? ›

Simple sentences are sentences containing one independent clause, with a subject and a predicate. Modifiers, compound subjects, and compound verbs/predicates can be used in simple sentences. The standard arrangement of a simple sentence is subject + verb + object, or SVO order.

What is a simple sentence 5 examples? ›

Examples of Simple Sentence. Emma is writing a letter. We wake up early in the morning. My brother speaks loudly.

What does affordable mean in business? ›

We define affordability as the ability to pay, which is, in itself, made up of two components: (1) buying power, and (2) economic cost – with six further dimensions beneath them.

What does not affordable mean? ›

: too costly to be paid for : not affordable. unaffordable tuition. unaffordably.


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